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Joseph Love

Joseph Love

Nashville, TN


Joseph D. Love Jr., A Ft Dix N.J. native and later moved to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky with
his family. He had the desire to become an artist at an early age. Joseph’s parents inspired him to become a painter. They reminded him that his talent was a gift from God. His father would spend time after work teaching him drawing and impressing upon him to draw what you see not what you think you see. Joseph was so passionate that he would take his father’s Grey’s Anatomy book and sketch pictures from them and his father would proudly display them at the dental clinic where he worked. After serving in the United States Air Force and working as a Real Estate Broker, Joseph found time to collect and restore vintage Mercedes Benz cars. He fell in love with Formula 1 racing and could always be found wherever there was a race, whether it was Indy Car or Formula 1.
The art classes that Joseph took in junior high and high school gave him the foundation for becoming an artist. His work is quite refined, and his attention to detail and composition in his work is far beyond his training. Joseph’s mother continued to encourage him through dreams. Her message to him was to stop wasting his God given talent. This encouraged him to purchase paints, brushes and canvas and paint a portrait of his parents, other heroes of his and Formula 1 racing. After a long hiatus, Joseph began to pursue art again, his first love, and the dreams ceased. He painted for hours, days and nights, and many times until sunrise. After only 16 months back in the art world, Joseph had his debut solo art show at The University Club of Nashville, on Vanderbilt University’s campus. The Show featured his oil paintings of Formula 1 race cars and drivers from past to present, vintage Mercedes Benz cars and other classic automobiles. He has since exhibited at numerous prestigious venues and galleries. His series titled Black Speed was recently exhibited in Austin, TX. His work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Nashville Arts Magazine and numerous other magazines and newspapers, and Channel 5 local news. Joseph currently has a new art exhibit with Metro Nashville Public Schools at Robert Church Well Magnet School, Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University.


Calypso Breakdown by Joseph Love


Strange Furit by Joseph Love


Carnival by Joseph Love


Senna Daze by Joseph Love


Rolling Thunder by Joseph Love


Gullwing by Joseph Love


Tunnle Vision by Joseph Love


Rookie Sensation by Joseph Love


Lewis Hamilton by Joseph Love


Pink Calla Lily's by Joseph Love


Day At The Office by Joseph Love


The Garage by Joseph Love


Troubled Man by Joseph Love


Halle by Joseph Love


Vintage Mercedes by Joseph Love


The Greatest by Joseph Love


Fiery Lady by Joseph Love


Winning Lap by Joseph Love


Night Race by Joseph Love


Red Trees by Joseph Love


The Winner Is by Joseph Love


Beautiful Lady by Joseph Love


Lady T by Joseph Love


Senna by Joseph Love


1st Victory by Joseph Love


Obama by Joseph Love


Funkmaster by Joseph Love